Young earth vs old earth

So I dug through my archives and found an older email over this very issue. I am re-posting it here. I think it is very important that we establish right off the bat that in no way shape or form does the Bible address the age of the earth.

Young earth vs old earth

Best Science Argues for a Creator, Former Geophysicist Says Ham acknowledged that old earth creationists can still be Christians "because salvation is conditioned upon faith in Christ, not the age of the earth," but he did insist they were twisting Scripture.

Old earth Christians defended their view, arguing that the Bible does not require believers to believe creation took exactly six twenty-four hour days. Genesis 1 and 2 Young earth creationists point to Genesis 1, where the text seems to argue for a creation lasting six twenty-four hour days.

He claimed that the specific reference to days in Genesis 1 clearly supports the young earth model. Collins, who also served as Old Testament chair on the translation committee for the English Standard Version of the Bible, argued that Scripture does not support a young earth model, and that those who think so are not reading closely enough.

Young earth vs old earth

In Genesis 2, an expansion of the sixth day in Genesis 1, there were no plants on the land until God made it rain. Even though this follows the third day, when God made plants to grow upon the earth, there are no plants.

Collins explained that this apparent contradiction is actually a reference to the climate cycle in Mesopotamia. On day four, God creates the sun, the moon, and stars, to be "for signs and for seasons, and for days and years. Because humans were created in the image of God, however, each death is truly a tragedy.

Reconciling Faith and Science Photo: Both old earth and young earth creationists aim to reconcile faith and science, but they do so in different ways. Ham, Collins, Richards, and Meyer all agreed that modern science developed from a Christian worldview and works best when scientists assume that the same God created human reason and an ordered natural universe.

While Ham argued that the best evidence favors a young earth, he also claimed that a belief about things in the past requires faith — no matter which scientific theory you accept.So putting all this together, using geology (if correct), archeology and the book of Genesis, we have the age of the earth to be around billion years old and mankind to be around years old.

In this lesson we will discuss the major arguments supporting the Young ( - 10, yrs.) vs. the Old (Millions to Billions of years) age of the earth.

Young earth vs old earth

Old-earth creationists accept the geological and cosmological estimates of a billion year old earth. Scripture speaks not of a young earth or an old earth, but an ancient earth: Hear O mountains you everlasting foundations of the earth (Micah ).

The ancient mountains crumbled, and the age-old hills collapsed (Habakkuk ). The Bible and an Old Earth. Inserting vast ages into the Bible’s first chapter sets it at odds with modern secular scientific opinion regarding the order of events.

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