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We have no right to cause great harm to others when we can avoid this without great loss to ourselves. Our claims about rights are always sensitive to context. You have a right to sing as you walk down the street, even though your off-key voice may pain passersby.

By the time the birthrate stabilizes, the global population will be at an unsustainable level. We can live happy, fulfilled lives with just one child, and one child per couple will keep the human race going until we get to that point when we do reach a sustainable population and can go back to allowing ourselves to reproduce at replacement value — two children per two parents.

Even if having only one child does no great harm directly to parents, View globe essay will object that it would severely harm us as a society. Some may argue that a declining population will cause the economy to collapse. Others will focus on the moral transgression — believing it will necessitate forced abortions or sterilizations, or the repression of religions that forbid contraception.

Others worry that a one-child policy will result in a gender imbalance, as parents opt for a male child. We know this has happened in China, and how much worse that would be if it were worldwide.

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The answer to the concern for material welfare may be easiest. It seems clear that an economy based on perpetual growth, located on a finite planet, is bound to fail eventually. Our economy only works as well as it does now because we are borrowing from the future, using up resources at an unsustainable rate.

An economic system based on growth, where growth means more people using more resources, will eventually face a crisis. Changing it now, before the crunch, will be less painful than trying to do that when our backs are against the wall. The moral arguments, too, have answers. Does the right to religious freedom mean we have a right to do whatever our religious doctrines dictate?

No one thinks that if a religion required, say, human sacrifice, those who follow it would be allowed to engage in ritual killing, no matter how sincere their belief.

We want to accommodate religious practice whenever we can, even when that has some cost to social welfare. But again, if the cost is too great, we tell practitioners that in this case they need to amend their own ways.

Advertisement Gender imbalance, too, is a serious concern. The cause is, in a word, sexism, where a culture finds women to be less valuable, and parents subsequently find girls less beneficial to the family. Fertility rates have fallen greatly in Europe and the United States without any gender imbalance.

What we need to do is change our attitudes, not have more children. If we say there is no moral right to have more than one child, do we pave the way for forced abortions and sterilizations? We may well be able to reduce the fertility rate without using sanctions at all, and that would, of course, be best.

The same could be true for limiting how many children we have.The HiSET exam also has a College- and Career-Readiness (CCR) minimum scaled score of 15 for each subtest except the Language Arts – Writing essay test.

View globe essay

The CCR score for the Language Arts-Writing essay . On August 28 the Extended Essay and Reflective Projects were presented in a symposium which took place at Hillsboro High School library. The Hillsboro Globe attended this Lead and copper levels in school drinking water leads Detroit schools to shut off all fountains.

The Globe Theater is a huge success The Globe Theatre was a huge success and as it had been built in close proximity to the Bear Garden. The profits of the Bear Garden slumped and in Henslowe and Edward Alleyn (the most famous actor in Elizabethan England) had it demolished and replaced with a new playhouse which they called The Hope Theatre (aptly named!).

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We can perform task of any level of difficulty: essay, thesis, research paper, course work, reflection, term . Essay Map - ReadWriteThink. GLOBAL REGENTS THEMATIC ESSAY TOPICS AND DBQ SINCE (Global Regents Review Sheet) ESSAY TIPS FOR BOTH ESSAYS.

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NOTE - THE COMPLETE ESSAYS AND EXAMS CAN BE FOUND AT THE BOARD OF REGENTS WEBSITE. DBQ - Discuss imperialism from the point of view of both the imperialist, and the colonized. June. THEMATIC - Conflict.

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Explain one conflict.

Peter W. Sinnema, “10 April John Cleves Symmes’s ‘No. 1 Circular’” | BRANCH