Vietnamese language essay

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Vietnamese language essay

Geographic distribution[ edit ] As a national language, Vietnamese is the official language used by everyone in Vietnam. A significant number of native speakers also reside in neighboring Cambodia and Laos.

In the United States, Vietnamese is the fifth most spoken language, with over 1. It is the third most spoken language in Texas and Washington; fourth in Georgia, Louisiana, and Virginia; and fifth in Arkansas and California.

In the Czech RepublicVietnamese has been recognized as one of 14 minority languages, on the basis of communities that have resided in the country either traditionally or on a long-term basis. As a foreign language[ edit ] Vietnamese is increasingly being taught in schools and institutions outside of Vietnam.

Vietnamese essay writing

In countries with strongly established Vietnamese-speaking communities such as Australia, Canada, France, and the United States, Vietnamese language education largely serves as a cultural role to link descendants of Vietnamese immigrants to their ancestral culture.

Furthermore, there has also been a number of Germans studying Vietnamese due to increased economic investment in Vietnam.

Vietnamese language essay

Furthermore, in Thailand, Vietnamese is one of the most popular foreign languages in schools and colleges. Later, Muong was found to be more closely related to Vietnamese than other Mon—Khmer languages, and a Viet—Muong subgrouping was established, also including ThavungChutCuoietc.

Some borrowings nowadays, usually names, are multi-syllabic, for example, Campuchia Cambodia. Vietnamese has two types of similes: Meaning Similes and Rhyming Similes. The following is an example of a Rhyming Simile:Essay The Vietnamese Language.

In the Vietnamese language, there is a range of 19 to 21 consonant phonemes, which differs in result of how a word is pronounced. A consonant such as “/p/” only comes about when a word is borrowed from the French language. A good essay is the combination of good grammar, language and knowledge.

When grading, the instructor usually pays attention to the content: accord with the topic, clear form and organization, proportionality between introduction, body and conclusion, cohesive transition, logical phrases and sentences, correct spelling, clarity, neat.

Vietnam’s official language is Vietnamese, and their largest ethnic group in Vietnam is the Kinh people, which takes about 86% of the nation’s population. In addition, Vietnam had and still has a Communist government and a socialist economic model.

The reason for this way of division is that was the year when the Vietnamese Communist Party initiated its overall economic reform, exercising the open-door policy, and thus marking the emergence of English as the number 1 foreign language in Vietnam.

English in Vietnam before English in Vietnam before had a chequered history. Essay in vietnamese language. 5 stars based on reviews Essay.

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