Urbanization in ledcs essay help

Advantages and disadvantages of Urbanization Article shared by After the industrial revolution urban population all over the world is increasing. There is a rapid migration of rural people to urban areas for jobs and better living.

Urbanization in ledcs essay help

Inthere were two megacities with 10 million or more inhabitants. Bythis number has increased to 20 and it is projected that there will be 22 megacities by Developing countries will have 18 of the 22 megacities in Between andthe urban population in LEDCs has doubled.

In China, the urban population grew from million to million in 16 years. However, this is not the case in MEDCs, which instead face the phenomenon of counter-urbanisation where people choose to move away from the bustling city to the quieter rural environment.

Positive impacts Reasons for urbanisation Wage and employment differentials Economic advancements are better in the city for migrants due to higher wages and increased number of working days.

Job opportunities in the city can also be found in the form of employment in informal sectors such as hawkers selling food by the sidewalks. This requires limited capital as money does not have to be spent on renting a workplace or a stall.

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The cities provide a greater opportunity for rural migrants to climb the income ladder. The increased wealth will enhance the lives of the migrants urbanization in ledcs essay help their families as money can be spent on proper food, water, healthcare and even education.

If the money is invested well in their children, their families can be brought out of the cycle of poverty, increasing their standard of living in the long run. Access to Amenities and Services Due to the close proximity of people in the highly populated cities, it is easier and cheaper to provide amenities that are accessible and affordable to everyone.

This is referred to as the economies of scale, hence allowing city dwellers to have better and cheaper access to water and electrical supply. For example, water pipes and sewers can be constructed within densely populated areas more efficiently than laying long pipelines connecting houses in more dispersed rural settlements.

The poor access to basic infrastructure has a disproportionate effect on rural women as they perform most of the domestic chores and often walk long distances to fetch water. The energy spent on getting water can be better channeled to economic activities in urban areas.

urbanization in ledcs essay help

Future Prospects People are willing to endure short-term difficulties in the hopes of better prospects of economic gain and improved welfare in the longer term, even if only for their children. Cheap labour will attract foreign investors as production cost is low.

urbanization in ledcs essay help

Through trade and tourism, foreign money will flow into the country, boosting the economy. Negative impacts Challenges Urban unemployment and urban poverty There is a huge economic income disparity, leaving a huge gap between the rich and the poor in the cities. This is because the rural migrants lack education and the skills required to get a good job.

Hence, the inhabitants of the urban areas have better access to the various industries due to the higher levels of education they received, while rural migrants only earn a meager income. This is made worse by the lack of jobs due to the sudden increase in population and workforce in the city.

For example, in Morocco, street vendors are a common sight as these mobile traders do not have to pay rent or municipal tax. However, these informal traders cause small retailers to lose out in the competition and has forced many small businesses in the area to close down.

Traffic congestion The increased income means an increase in private ownership of cars as a form of luxury instead of taking public transportation. However, this leads to traffic congestions during peak hours due to insufficient roads in the transport network, leading to delays and frustrations.

It is estimated that in Bangkok, a car spends an average of 44 days per year stuck in traffic. Apart from being a waste of time, it also causes environmental and noise pollution. This affects the quality of life for urban dwellers.

Environmental degradation The increase in private car ownership and other human activities result in air pollution and other forms of environmental degradation such as dumping of chemical waste in waterways. This makes water unfit for drinking and also upsets the ecosystem.

Fumes from exhaust pipes cause the air to be filled with harmful particles that negatively affect the health of urban dwellers, especially those with respiratory difficulties such as asthma. This is a prominent problem in Beijing, where the smog in the air is so thick that it is a cause of worry for the citizens.With reference to either Waste management in urban areas or Transport management in urban areas, discuss the extent to which sustainability can be achieved.

to which sustainability can be achieved. Answer 1 (Transport) Sustainable management in urban areas is a constant theme for urban areas in both LEDCs and MEDCs.

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Urbanization in China Essay - Urbanization (or urbanisation) is the increasing number of people that live in urban areas. Urbanization has been the result of economic growth for most countries. In fact, every developed nation in the world has gone through urbanization and this is no news to Chinese leaders.

Urbanization in China Essay - Urbanization (or urbanisation) is the increasing number of people that live in urban areas. Urbanization has been the result of economic growth for most countries. In fact, every developed nation in the world has gone through urbanization and this is no news to Chinese leaders.

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