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Truck paper freightliner

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X Shaped by the wind to avoid the wind. Active Grille In low-speed, high-torque situations, the grille stays open to maximize cooling flow. At highway speeds, it automatically closes, improving aerodynamic efficiency. Bumper and Ride Height The SuperTruck's overall ride height can be adjusted, raising the chassis for extra ground clearance at low speed for maneuverability and lowering it at highway speeds to reduce drag.

Windshield The windshield is raked backward to guide air more efficiently over the hood and cab, moving over the truck with less drag.

Mirrors Meet the most aerodynamic mirrors allowed by the U. The SuperTruck's main mirrors are as aerodynamic as the truck itself, their shape carefully crafted by — and tested in — digital and real-world wind tunnels. Articulating Side Extenders Optimized side extenders shield cab components as air seamlessly glides from tractor to trailer.

Articulating Wheel Fairings Tires are infamous for creating turbulent air. The SuperTruck's fairings divert air past the rear wheels and tires, and articulate for easy serviceability.

Traditionally, trucks are conceived by designers who sketch them out on paper, with an eye toward form. The Freightliner SuperTruck took an unconventional approach. The basic shape was born as a 3D computer model, which was carefully honed by aerodynamicists using digital wind.

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After six months of analysis and countless computer simulations, the Freightliner SuperTruck took shape, every curve and surface optimized to reduce drag and boost efficiency. The Trailer The trailer gets an efficiency overhaul. Chassis Built to carry the future of an industry. Frame Rails Less is more.

Like the other systems built into the Freightliner SuperTruck, Freightliner engineers put the frame through numerous simulations to find the perfect ratio of strength and weight savings.

Fewer crossmembers for added weight savings, simplified crossmember construction and better use of lighter-weight materials, which thrive in harsh environments where trucks operate. This combined with the lightweight rear suspension reduces frame weight by pounds. Its Direct Drive and eCoast technologies work in tandem with the SuperTruck's Predictive Technologies to improve shifting based on vehicle speed, engine torque and upcoming road grade.

In addition to using lighter-weight components where possible, the axle configuration, oil level management system and even the oil formulation itself are optimized to reduce friction and increase efficiency.

For one, engineers redesigned the hub and wheel with lightweight materials. Additionally, Daimler engineers collaborated with Michelin to create specially formulated tires with an exclusive compound to further reduce rolling resistance.Each of our four locations can meet your needs for one truck or a dozen.

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Truck paper freightliner

Utah Freightliner Trucks, a Warner Truck Center, is a certified Freightliner, Western Star, and Sterling dealership providing services for both heavy and light duty trucks. We're focused on taking care of our customers, so give us a call today at CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE NEW CASCADIA CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE NEW ISUZU FTR MODEL CLASS 6 DIESEL TRUCK: Welcome to Kentucky Truck Sales!

Your Kentuckiana Freightliner Dealership that is dedicated to you, THE CUSTOMER, and the Freightliner products we proudly represent. Welcome to Lubbock Truck Sales, Inc. We are a full service dealership in Lubbock, TX. We have been in business at the same location since and are locally owned. At Freightliner of Maine we sell and service quality new and used trucks.

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