The subject of race in in

What is Critical Race Film Studies? The Impact of Identity Politics Chapter 2: Theorizing Race with a Wide Open Text:

The subject of race in in

Indeed, whereas rich white boys typically became rich men, wealthy Black boys were more likely to become poor than to remain wealthy. An edited transcript of their conversation follows. I love both of those definitions. I want to add that othering renders The subject of race in in subject as object.

We, the mainstream, the people who are not othered, the self to which other people need to aspire, can do whatever we want to you and you have no recourse. I love that because it makes me think about the challenge that we have, from a social science research perspective, when we consider white males as the group against which everybody else is compared.

And every decision we make is about the relative distance between the others and this group.

Object to Subject: Three scholars on race, othering, and bearing witness

That has consequences just from the perspective of measuring population health. So othering has social and psychological consequences for the individual, but it also has impacts even on the data and the science and the stories we tell about communities that are vulnerable.

You hit the nail on the head. As Wizdom says, that has clear implications for how we set up our studies—and what kind of research the National Institutes of Health supports, for example. Going back twenty years, we would study discrimination.

So I think the othering framework is actually really useful because it leads us to ask who the object is, who the subject is, and why some people are being objectified. Instead of that being in the background story, object and subject become the center of our analysis.

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What specific consequences of othering most concerns you in your work? I think a lot about the lack of attention paid to the health-related fallout of criminal justice policy and criminal justice interventions.

So, yes, dying at the hands of a criminal justice agent is a bad health outcome, for sure. And that silence is in and of itself very, very violent. I think that there are real consequences for the interior lives of boys and men of color that are related to their interactions with systems that other them, mute them, render them invisible.

We saw that with Kalief Browder. But I do want to focus on mechanisms for a moment. If we want to have that conversation about mechanisms, then we have to start thinking about time.

We have to start thinking about cohorts.

The subject of race in in

We have to start thinking about how people disadvantaged within a space by economics or by racial or immigration status are unable to protect the next generation from the types of inequality they themselves were exposed to.

People pass down wealth through intergenerational transfers and through the ability of beneficiaries to use wealth to create more wealth.

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But when we have poor schools, when we have a mass incarceration system that actually rewards stock owners when people are criminalized, then even Black people with money are spending that money to keep the next generation out of the criminal justice system instead of having them start their own businesses.

We have to think of this from a life course perspective. What you said hits home on so many levels. And yet I try all the time to make the case that this is about you! And so, the fact that people look away at this moment in time is striking.

This is really about all of us. And I also want to ask: And there are still others. With respect to othering, are Black people the canary in the coal mine, simply the group most vulnerable to the structural inequities that affect everybody, or are they subject to a different kind of othering altogether?

The question of empathy and of kind versus degree is helpful. And those who ignore, deny them, I still say we can do better about winning them over. I so appreciate your positivity about the potential for people to be transformed.

As a positive psychologist, I can really appreciate that. I want you below the ground. My comments are pretty aligned with yours, Wizdom.It is the policy of The Dispatch Broadcast Group to provide equal employment opportunity to all qualified individuals without regard to their .

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The subject of race in in

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Object to Subject: Three scholars on race, othering, and bearing witness - Othering and Belonging