The clothes we wear essay writer

Well, it failed to address an extremely important question:

The clothes we wear essay writer

Short Essay on Designer Clothes words Article shared by Clothes……ever since we began wrapping ourselves in leaves and animal skins, clothing has represented a very important part of our needs.

So important it is, studies show that clothing ranks with food and shelter in a hierarchy of needs1. In different ages, people have valued particular clothing for different reasons; to cover their nakedness, for protection from bad weather, for protection in war or for the status or symbol associated with particular clothing and more.

Perhaps, it is not fair to say that through all these ages no people ever had a fascination of clothes as in our time… But we must agree that we have set giant strides in the business of clothing; from the head-aching prices of some clothes to the worldwide appeals of some brands and the vivacity with which these brands are patronized.

Welcome to the world of Designer Clothing. Designer clothing is distinguished from other brands by the name it bears and there is quite a long list of names: The Designer Clothing industry has grown so much since then…it has spread from Europe to the other continents of the world with notable designers from The Americas, Asia, and The Middle East getting international recognition and patronage.

The clothes made by these designers has also changed over the years with inputs by different peoples from different cultures with different experiences……………. Why do people patronize designer clothes, is it because the materials used to make them are of a better quality or because they are the creative work of some famous designer?

Depending on the particular clothing being talked about the answer to both questions may be yes or no. Why then do people spend so much money to buy designer clothing?

the clothes we wear essay writer

The answer to this is not straight forward, but the underlying logic is this: This additional value is the prestige of the design name and the brand image. Designer clothes can help you bag a better job, April 7. Designer clothes can help you bag a better job, April comments.Now it appears that those experiences include the clothes we wear.” 26 responses to “What Writers Wear” but because they’re “quiet” enough that I can hear myself think when I wear them.

the clothes we wear essay writer

I am the lone writer in a very non-writerly office full of power suits, but I simply can’t get myself to dress like my colleagues who.

Clothing in My Life Essay. In the life of every teenager all over the world, clothing plays an important role in its social class, ranking, confidence and appeal.

Clothes define who we are more or less and we all tend to be identified by others with a certain social group/class because of our 3/5(3). Here is your free sample essay on clothes Jatin Dutta we would not have paid so much importance to clothes. We would use them only to protect ourselves from natural calamities.

Clothing serves a social purpose for human beings just as food serves a health purpose for him. A properly dressed person attracts the attention of others towards.

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We will write a custom essay sample on. You Are What You Wear. or any similar topic specifically for you. Do Not Waste Your Time. your outfit for the day, think about how you want others to see you and interpret your personality.

For most part, we want our clothes to portray us in the most positive way possible. Our clothes say far more.

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