Student nurse reflection essay

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Student nurse reflection essay

Critical incident analysis on nurses management placement skills This publication has been approved by the author of the essay. It is vital to point out that anonymity will be maintain throughout this essay, in order to maintain the confidentiality of patients, staff and the environment where the incident took place NMC, Overview of leadership and management Marquis and Huston explain that there Student nurse reflection essay still some confusion about the relationship between leadership and management as some view leadership as one of a number of functions of managers, while others argue that the skills required for leadership are more complex than those needed for management.

Therefore, it is now apparent that leadership is not only a function of management but is something that should pervade professional nursing practice Curtis et al, Huczynski and Buchanan affirm that management is a process of working with and through both individuals and groups, and using available resources, to achieve organisational goals.

Lee et al emphasise that management is a process on daily basis that have short a long-term consequences for the individual within the health care setting. It is argue that management is a unique position within the health care setting that have an impact on staff, patients and general public Lee et al, Curtis et al affirm that leadership conjures up a variety of thoughts, reflections and images and these may include power, influence, followership, dynamic personality, charisma, goals, autocratic behaviour, innovation, cleverness, warmth and kindness.

Curtis et al concur with Hughes et al on the following distinctions between managers and leaders: Cuthbert et al argue that management is responsible for ensuring that the work environment is safe and that staff members are aware of potential threats and methods of reducing risk. According to Cookthe leadership role and characteristics exist at many levels in health care.

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However, there are vague distinctions between leadership and management. Yukl understands leadership in two ways: Huczynski and Buchanan characterised leader as an individual who uses a flexible range of interpersonal skills to influence others towards a goal.

Stewart argued that leadership is more about how people behave and how people engage with others.

Student nurse reflection essay

Kouzes and Posner argue that the skills of a leader are observable and learnable. Some of this skill include: Spector classifies the leadership theories in the following manner: While any of these above leadership theories can be used to help nurses lead, some literatures have supported the use of transformational leadership as a suitable choice for advancing nursing leadership Carney, and Sullivan and Garland, Carney agrees with Thyer and Jooste that transformational leadership is a suitable model for directing and guiding nursing leadership.

Critical incident analysis What This incident occurred during a clinical placement on an acute inpatient setting. It was on an early shift when my mentor Fe asked me to manage the entire shift under her guidance and supervision.

It is further argued that allowing nursing student to practice their clinical skills within practice area will facilitate competence and learning opportunity Benner, and RCN, a.

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In this unit, five staff is required to manage an entire shift although there are occasions when this number increases especially when there are few service users on level 3 observation. Prior to completing the shift planner a carer Jimmy who had already reported he will be coming in late had just phoned in sick, which simply imply we are one staff down.

Just at the start of the shift two new service users Paul and Sean who are of high risk of suicidal behaviour with intent had just been admitted. As the service users are of high risk of suicidal behaviour, they were put on level 3 observations by the nursing team.

Just about twenty minutes later the bank staff arrived at the unit, which was a great relief for the team. I collaborated with the team in completing the morning shift planner and was enables to allocate and delegate the tasks that need to be undertaken according staff competency and putting into account their break time.

Around mid-day I observed John service user in the bedroom wrapping a plastic bag round his head, attempting to suffocate himself. On approach I was able to prevent John from causing any further harm to self.

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Although he was not pleased with this as he mentioned that life does not worth living anymore. I then collaborate with him to have one-to-one session, which he agreed.Job Shadow Reflection Essay On November 31, , I went to Saint Alphonsus Medical Center to do my job shadow.

Student nurse experience essay writing double spaced steve mackey proquest digital dissertations rumus validitas dan reliabilitas soal essay health promotion reflection essay assignment the thought fox essay day mindwalk movie essay for and against essay internet use arabian nights terminal essay the best field trip ever essay writer. Reflection On My Role As Student And Future Healthcare Practitioner. The aim of this essay is to reflect on my role as a future health care practitioner and this I will be carrying out by using the Rolfe’s reflective MODEL. Reflection. A mirror into your very soul, or in the case of student nurses, a dreaded word that comes attached with a hefty word count and a massive graded essay.

From to I shadowed a registered nurse in . Student nurse reflection essay about Teaching essay writing to middle school students. They train guide students through this process last year, and my loved it easier to keep weight. ‘Reflection’ – , Student Nurse Resources Tagged clinical, nursing, reaction, recollection, reflection, reflective writing, response, student Comments 0.

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Nursing Reflection as a Student Nurse Words 3 Pages The following essay is a reflective account on an event that I, a student nurse encountered whilst on my second clinical placement in .

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