Slearys circus

Hire Writer To present the differences between fact and fancy Dickens uses setting: In this case the contrast between harsh industry and the compassion of human nature. That is, purple in the canal being artificial yet a factual occurrence and even a product of the philosophy of fact practiced in Coketown. Comparing these uses of imagery to Slearys circus, the reader becomes aware of a great deal of care on Dickens part from the carefully placed contrasting images.

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Themes are the fundamental and often universal ideas explored in a literary work. This suggestion comes forth largely through the actions of Gradgrind and his follower, Bounderby: In Chapter 5 of the first book, the narrator draws a parallel between the factory Hands and the Gradgrind children—both lead monotonous, uniform existences, untouched by pleasure.

Consequently, their fantasies and feelings are dulled, and they become almost mechanical themselves. The mechanizing Slearys circus of industrialization are compounded by Mr. Gradgrind believes that human nature can be measured, quantified, and governed entirely by rational rules.

Indeed, his school attempts to turn children into little machines that behave according to such rules. While she does not actually behave in a dishonorable way, since she stops her interaction with Harthouse before she has a socially ruinous affair with him, Louisa realizes that her life is unbearable and that she must do something drastic for her own survival.

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Gradgrind insists that his children should always stick to the facts, Hard Times not only suggests that fancy is as important as fact, but it continually calls into question the difference between fact and fancy. Dickens suggests that what constitutes so-called fact is a matter of perspective or opinion.

These sets of facts cannot be reconciled because they depend upon perspective. As a novelist, Dickens is naturally interested in illustrating that fiction cannot be excluded from a fact-filled, mechanical society. Tom becomes a hedonist who has little regard for others, while Louisa remains unable to connect with others even though she has the desire to do so.

Just as fiction cannot be excluded from fact, fact is also necessary for a balanced life. If Gradgrind had not adopted her, Sissy would have no guidance, and her future might be precarious.

As a result, the youngest Gradgrind daughter, raised both by the factual Gradgrind and the fanciful Sissy, represents the best of both worlds.

Slearys circus

The Importance of Femininity During the Victorian era, women were commonly associated with supposedly feminine traits like compassion, moral purity, and emotional sensitivity. Hard Times suggests that because they possess these traits, women can counteract the mechanizing effects of industrialization.

He sums up her virtues by referring to her as his guiding angel. Similarly, Sissy introduces love into the Gradgrind household, ultimately teaching Louisa how to recognize her emotions.

Indeed, Dickens suggests that Mr. On his part, Bounderby ensures that his rigidity will remain untouched since he marries the cold, emotionless product of Mr. Through the various female characters in the novel, Dickens suggests that feminine compassion is necessary to restore social harmony.Free Essay: The Importance of Sleary's Circus People in Hard Times In Charles Dickens' novel "Hard Times", an alternative view of the.

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Hard Times by Charles Dickens. Home / Literature / Hard Times / Events / Book 1, Chapter 6 ; The rest of the performers shuffle into the room.

Mr. Sleary, circus owner and operator, introduces himself to Bounderby and Gradgrind.

Slearys circus

The man speaks with a really pronounced lisp. Buy Circus tickets at Find your favorite Family event tickets, schedules, and seating charts here. The Circus in Hard Times Lillian Young In Hard Times the circus most obviously represents amusement.

As Sleary says, “People mutht be amuthed, [ ] they can’t be alwayth a working, nor yet they can’t be alwayth a learning” (Dickens 35). This business of amusement acts as .

Slearys circus represents Dickenss most considered defence of the necessity of entertainment, and infuses the novel with the good humour which has ensured its appeal to generations of readers. Hard Times—Dickenss shortest novel and one of his major triumphs—tells the tragic story of .

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