Reflective essay for english class

Reflective Essay Writing Tips written by: Here are some ideas to get yourself on track for writing a great essay. It means to look back upon a situation and present your findings. It is all about your perspective, post-experience.

Reflective essay for english class

Final Reflection on the Course! My overall experience in English has definitely changed the manner in which I think, write, and read.

My work was only read by my instructor, my classmates and my parents because they always like to have input on my writing.

This year my instructor and classmates were no longer my sole audience, my work was subject to the scrutiny of the public.

I have fully participated in all of the assignments, PIT workshops and submissions, and revisions that were required throughout the year. English has always been a fun subject for me, because I like to see how perfect I can organize my thoughts and words on paper.

Writing is like a puzzle for me, if all of the ideas and pieces are put together correctly, it makes a great paper. All of these reviewers are helpful in different ways, my classmates are especially helpful because they know the background on my topic and where I am headed with every draft.

I like having groupmates who understand what my goal with a draft is, because we all have the same goals. It is also helpful having the PIT editors, because they do not know anything about my topic.

Both avenues are excellent peer review sources that have shaped my papers to what they are today. The audience that I am writing for is widespread. I have my fellow English classmates who are all in the same boat as me as Reflective essay for english class as goals, and then I have PIT journal members who may or may not be English students.

I have shaped my paper and topic so that a multidisciplinary audience can appreciate it. The natural science field appreciates this topic because it is affecting our environment.

The social science field appreciates this topic because of the social implications that the argument between beekeepers and environmentalists poses.

The humanities field appreciates this topic because there is a lot of history behind this plant that adds to the argument between environmentalists and the beekeepers.

All of these audiences expect to read a clear and cohesive paper, no matter which stage I am at in research. At the proposal, presentation, or article stage, these audiences expect high caliber work.

They also expect to read a paper with claims that are backed up by legitimate evidence. I have also learned to find weaknesses in my own argument as well as the claims that others make.

When I arrange my paper to make certain points, I need to back up these claims with research and evidence. Group discussions during class have been extremely helpful over the course of the semester, because seeing someone face to face always makes the revision process seem more productive.

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My group almost always stayed on topic and made the most of our PIT workshops. I made sure that I made at least one major revision to keep my progress constant. There are many interesting topics in my class, as well as on the PIT journal website. I have provided the most insight and suggestions that I can for members of the PIT journal and for my classmates.

I understand how difficult it may be at times for others to take time out of their day to peer review my workso I carefully consider all of the suggestions I receive from my peers. A Final Note on Feeders The feeders for each unit were designed to introduce us to new research methods and types of writing.

As one feeder feeds into the unit project, each unit seems to feed from the first to the third. The first unit was about organizing our ideas and gathering research to create an annotated bibliography and a proposal.

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Unit 2 require the most research and the most extensive thought, because I had to learn just about everything I could about Purple Loosestrife. I then created my conference presentation which showcased the positive and negative effects of Purple Loosestrife.

I had to use my prior knowledge, and pull it together into something interesting for a journal article. I found the perfect topic, and I wrote my article to the best of my ability.

Each unit project included different genres of professional academic writing, and though my work is not at the professional level, I know that my writing has improved with time.

I had to learn the conventions that governed each of the rhetorical situations for each unit, because I definitely was not writing in the same style for unit 1 as I was for unit 3. I definitely would have been nowhere without the feeders, because these taught me so much about my own research habits, and how much I had to improve them over the semester!The thing I liked most about this class was that we had a very good teacher to help us learn new things and some old ones Her name was regardbouddhiste.comn(AKA Jennifer Scanlin).The thing I didn’t like so much is writing this paper because I hate finals,But all and all this class was very entertaning.

Reflective Essay Samples Reflecting on a chosen topic requires deep insight, making reflective essays difficult to write. Read our samples of reflective essays to gain a greater understanding of how to write one on your own.

Reflection Essay - Clarissa Steinbacher English ePortfolio. Tweet. Reflection Essay. Final Reflection. Last modified on May 7, PM. Clarissa Steinbacher. For the requirements’ of the documented essay the class had to have two academic journals.

Through the process of finding two academic journals I had to read and decide. Reflective Essay on English Class. Topics: Writing, Essay, Short story Pages: 2 ( words) Published: April 11, English w was a very informative and interesting class. It was taught by professor E.

Cochran, who is a wonderful person and excellent teacher. We covered lots of criteria material and discussed topics during the tenure of.

Reflective essay for english class

Reflection on English Class PAGES 1. WORDS View Full Essay. Sign up to view the complete essay. More essays like this: english class, writing a good paper, what i learned, reflection and education. Not sure what I'd do without @Kibin - Alfredo Alvarez, student @ Miami University.

Nov 27,  · English / Wednesday, November 27, Reflective Essay.

Reflective Essay. When I started this class I did not know what to expect. At first, the assignments were very tough, and I did not know how to write an essay paper.

One of the papers I did in class was My History As A Writer, I did the best that I could, although.

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