Public diplomacy essay

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Public diplomacy essay

Public Diplomacy Essay Public Diplomacy Essay Public diplomacy PD is a communication process employed by states and nonstate actors to influence a foreign government by influencing its citizens.

It is a relatively new field of practice and scholarship. It attracted attention in the previous century with the opening of diplomacy to the media and public opinion, and became a more substantial area during the cold war, which was dominated by the delicate balance of nuclear weapons and the ideological battle for the hearts and minds of peoples around the world.

Public Diplomacy During The Cold War

PD became a critical element of national security and foreign policy following the emergence of the information age, the end of the cold war, and the September 11 attacks on New York City and Washington, D.

Public Diplomacy During The Cold War Originally, states used PD in antagonistic relationships in order to achieve long-term results in foreign societies. The assumption was that if public opinion in the target society is persuaded to accept a favorable image of the other side, this will exert pressure on the government to alter existing hostile attitudes and policy.

Thus, during the cold war, both the United States and the Soviet Union extensively utilized PD to shape favorable public attitudes around the world toward their respective rival ideologies. They primarily used international broadcasting, international exchanges, and cultural diplomacy.

The United States established radio stations such as Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty, and Britain used the BBC World Service to provide citizens in communist countries with accurate information about events occurring in their own countries and in the West.

The Soviet Union and China used broadcasts in numerous languages to spread their messages around the world. Cultural diplomacy includes participation in festivals and exhibitions, building and maintaining cultural centers, and teaching a language and organizing musical tours.

The purpose is to cultivate admiration, reputation, and good will. Many countries maintain permanent cultural centers in major cities around the world so that citizens can be directly exposed to the cultural world of the state employing cultural diplomacy. International exchanges refer to programs designed to bring overseas students, faculty, intellectuals, and artists to study or to work in universities and scientific centers.

The assumption is that spending time, studying or teaching, will make foreign students and scholars ambassadors of good will for the host state. Examples include the U. First, they wanted to distinguish between the PD of the cold war and the PD of the postwar era.

Second, they wished to adjust the classic PD to the opportunities and challenges of the information age.

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NPD includes the following components: Contrary to popular misunderstanding, the NPD is not propaganda and is not just public relations. It is a communication system designed to create a dialogue with both foes and allies. It requires a capability to effectively use credible information to persuade actors to understand, accept, or support policies and actions.

Contemporary public diplomacy is related to soft power. Power is the ability to influence the behavior of others to yield the outcomes one wants. To achieve these outcomes, an actor may employ hard power—that is, military and economic means— or soft power, which entails attraction, seduction and persuasion.

It causes people to act through cooperation rather than coercion. The Vatican, many international organizations, and nongovernmental organizations NGOs possess only soft power.

Critics suggest that only smart power—a balanced combination of hard and soft power can yield the best results. PD could be viewed as the wielding of soft power. While only nations pursued classic public diplomacy, both states and non-state actors conduct the NPD; this includes international organizations, NGOs, multinational corporations, global media networks, terrorist organizations, military alliances, and prominent individuals.

Also, classic public diplomacy was one-sided. The NPD utilizes two-way communication, a central element in several models of international public relations and public diplomacy, which requires serious listening and suitable responses to messages from other nations.

Strategic Public Diplomacy The NPD is based on strategic communication, which includes scientific measurement of public opinion and persuasion techniques. It also involves the creation and persistent dissemination of clear and consistent themes.

Information management refers to the means officials use to influence media coverage and framing of major events, leaders, and processes. Branding thus entails giving products and services an emotional dimension with which people can identify.

The brand state refers to what people around the world think and feel about a nation.

Public Diplomacy – Assignment Example

This formulation also applies to nonstate actors. With the Internet now a major arena for information dissemination, almost all states and nonstate actors maintain Web sites to present their history, policies, values, culture, science, and other achievements.

The Internet provides actors with ample opportunities to present themselves in a way that can cultivate positive support or attack opponents.Order Description Write a blog post on any 5 topics of your choice about Public diplomacy Public diplomacy and soft branding and competitive actors in Public diplomacy4.

Public diplomacy and the media5. US Public diplomacy under President Trump. Essay on Public Diplomacy Words 4 Pages The typical image of public diplomacy is that it is nice and warm and comforting in contrast to the harsh realities of hardball diplomacy and military action.

Public Diplomacy Essay - The typical image of public diplomacy is that it is nice and warm and comforting in contrast to the harsh realities of hardball diplomacy and military action.

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In the soft power approach to public diplomacy, the United States seeks to promote its interests through attraction (as opposed to coercion); soft power is the. Diplomacy Good Essay Topics: Academic Help on Writing Paper Works It goes without saying that due to diplomacy we manage to prevent a great number of conflicts and even wars.

It . Examine the changing nature of public and cultural diplomacy in the context of the evolution of global communications. explore the nature of international political communication, evaluating key concepts such as propaganda, place branding and strategic communications, and examine the role of culture in world politics more broadly, including media such as film and the internet, .

Public Diplomacy Essay Public diplomacy (PD) is a communication process employed by states and nonstate actors to influence a foreign government by influencing its citizens. It is a relatively new field of practice and scholarship.

Public diplomacy essay
Public Diplomacy Essay ⋆ Political Science Essay Examples ⋆ EssayEmpire