Pastoral care

Modern context[ edit ] The term 'pastoral' relates to shepherds and their role caring for sheep. The term was adopted for metaphorical usage historically first by Christians, although many religions and non-religious traditions contain an emphasis on care and social responsibility. The pastoral care movement in the West has since expanded to embrace many different religions and non-religious beliefs. Shepherding involves protectiontending to needs, strengthening the weak, encouragement, feeding the flock, making provision, shielding, refreshing, restoring, leading by example to move people on in their pursuit of holiness, comforting, guiding Pss

Pastoral care

My eyelids scraped like sandpaper against my eyes. Having visited relatives on the East Coast, my husband Rich and I drove through the night with our three children for the last hurrah of our vaca-tion — a few days with my family in the Midwest. Close to their house, I noticed a familiar car following.

We pulled into the driveway, the other car roaring in behind. My brother John jumped out, his tired face matching the way I felt. He came around to my side of the car. With the sun hovering at the tree line, he should have been in-side enjoying his first jolt of morning coffee.

The break in rou-tine seemed ominous. Do you want to come? My dry eyes refused to shed tears as John pulled me to him in ahug. I moved through the next three days in a frozen state. The day after the funeral my husband, a pastor, was expected in the pulpit in Illinois.

There was no time to grieve and remember and laugh with relatives after the service.

By Steve Johnson

We reloaded our car and made the journey back to our own home, heavy-hearted, quiet and lonely. A carefree getaway full of family memories closed on a grief-filled note.

Back in church, Rich asked for prayers as we coped with our loss. This was not the place I wanted to begin feeling the pain, so I sat stiffly in the pew, palms sweating. Chills chased over my body. People collected bags, babies, bulletins. I lingered in the foyer, hesitant to approach anyone as grief nibbled at my composure.

When I shook my head, multiple expressions flashed across his face: As a pastoral family, we faced a surprising turnabout. Overwhelmed, but Not with Love Ours is not the only family to fall through the void.

Much research, reading and interviewing yield a sobering conclusion. Clergy are professional burden bearers in many ways. However, Scripture portrays clearly the supporting roles the people of God are to play in the lives of those in ministry. Don, a pastor in a mainline denomination, remembered getting a card a day for an entire month as the church celebrated their clergy.

But because the desire to care for the pastor initiated with church personnel, the congregation did not continue the effort.

Perhaps a lack of supporting evidence as to why the clergy need and deserve such affirmation contributed to the one-time attempt. An atmosphere of love, acceptance and affirmation makes staying in the church appealing, even in the face of conflict.

Their absence adds impetus to thoughts of quitting. Anyone who says they do not consider quitting, even fleetingly, is lying. Recent reports from the SBC show little improvement: Morale in the pastorate, it appears, is scraping bottom.

Pastoral care

When low clergy morale results in pastoral turnover, the congregation suffers. Churches that frequently change pastors tend to be less open, less trusting and more inward looking, according to Barna Research. Further, in times of turmoil and transition, attendance drops, giving declines, and lay leadership struggles may ensue.

Studies indicate that it takes years to truly see results in ministry with a new minister. It can take at least five years in one pulpit for the pastor to gain the respect of constituents — let alone see effective ministry happen.

Changing ministers takes its toll on both the clergy family and the local church. Unless a move is absolutely essential, clergy need to stay awhile longer for truly effective ministry to happen.

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Frequent moves disrupt the building process of ministry. Linda and Mason worried what their congregation would think if members knew their son was hospitalized for addiction treatment for several weeks.

Many professions are lonely, and ministry is no exception.Pastoral Care. Holy Communion For The Sick; Calendar; Events. Christ Episcopal Church The Reverend Cecil B.

Jones, Jr., Priest in Charge. The mission of Christ Church is to be an inviting and transforming community of faith Bay St. Louis, MS .

Distance learning courses in pastoral care, communication, basic needs and problems for those people working with children and young people.

Question: "What is pastoral care?" Answer: In its most general sense, pastoral care refers to the ministries/services usually performed by a pastor. Some denominations of the Christian faith use the phrase to refer to more specific aspects of a pastor’s ministry, such as counseling and visitation.

The Department of Pastoral Care is accredited by The Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE) to offer pastoral education. This is an action/reflection process that is grounded in a person-centered approach to ministry.

Resources for pastoral care programs. Are you a teacher in need of pastoral care lesson plans? I am working on a variety of lesson plans for teachers working with students in pastoral care programs, including some of the following topics. PASTOR APPRECIATION A New Definition of 'Pastoral Care' By Jane Rubietta Guest Columnist. squinted against the early morning brightness. My eyelids scraped like sandpaper against my eyes.

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