On moviestarplanet how do you write a status update

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On moviestarplanet how do you write a status update

The first way is to win a competition. If you come in first in a competition, you can win up to 14 days of VIP. Another way is to use a membership hack software. I will be adding a VIP membership hack program for download soon so check back! If you want to make a youtube video this is the easiest way is to use a screen recorder to capture your player on screen.

Follow the steps below to see how to film a movie: Choose which movie stars will be in your movie. Choose the costumes that your actors will wear. Customize the background and music for each scene. Also pick what your actors will say in the movie.

You can shop for more content for your scenes if you need more. Edit your scenes and put them together for the final product. Share it with your friends if you want!

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There are a few ways to earn Starcoins quick in Moviestarplanet. Play games to earn Starcoins. Try catwalk, dress up, crazy cards, casting, and quiz games. Watch other players movies. You can earn Star Coins just for watching movies!

Get a VIP membership. VIP members earn more Starcoins than regular members.

on moviestarplanet how do you write a status update

Spin the daily coin wheel to win Star Coins. Make your own movies and share them. You get Starcoins every time someone views your movie.

Make other accounts and use them to rate your own movies, looks, and other stuff! You can earn a few star coins for every pet you love. Hopefully this helps you guys get loads of money!

on moviestarplanet how do you write a status update

How to Level-Up Fast on Moviestarplanet The more players that love your works, the faster you level-up.Sep 27,  · Write a list of the gifts you desire. You can fill up your wishlist as you like.

They have a strategy. Most of us do not.

Log off after you've added what you wanted. Make another account. The game allows you to make as many accounts as you want, so all is good. Level up your character to level 6, To do that, create a .

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Welcome to the regardbouddhiste.com Book Store featuring critically acclaimed books, new releases, recommendations from our editorial team and the best deals in books. Check back regularly to find your next favourite book. Update your status to include something about the Rares; Scream angrily.

You are banned from MSP for a month, what do you do? Play on the app secretly; Go on your friends computer; Play on it anyway; Do as you're told and don't play on it; Cry on your status before you log off for the last time; Quit.

Your pet types some random letters on . How do you write in bubble writing on Movie Star Planet? Click on It and write what you regardbouddhiste.com is some bonus information you make ur pet grow by feeding it and level it up by playing with it,when the ball comes out click on it.

Morganisok is a regular user of MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 18 (). Morgan started MSP on March 13 She ignored it mostly, but did write a status update stating: "I didn't mean to hate on them, I meant to inform you who your real friends are." She received even more hate from this.

She then said she would delete her account.

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