My favorite tv program

Home If there is anything that you think that I should add to this page please e-mail me: I watch all of these shows on a regular basis and if you were to ask I really could not tell you exactly why. I guess if I had to answer that question I would say that each one of these shows has a theme that really catches the viewer. Hopefully you have enjoyed my picks and if you think that I should add something e-mail me at the address above.

My favorite tv program

After comparing herself to the flawless Rhoda, depressed and discouraged Irene feels very inadequate.

My favorite tv program

They send in Rhoda to play the pool shark, and, with her abilities, she beats the shark and repays the debt. Bob tries in vain to convince the dealer that the painting is a forgery.

Peter tells everyone that he's an accomplished sky diver.

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The only problem is that Peter has lied! Miller, and Rhoda's government supervisor, Dr. Foster, agrees to put her in the care of Bob's neighbor Peter, who is alarmed to find that the girl of his dreams is really a computer wonder. Peter must place her in the apartment's closet wrapped in a carpet to prevent any more exposure.

As a result, the apartment's handy man thinks Peter is hiding a body and calls in the cops. The 2-disc set features 11 episodes of the series.

My favorite tv program

Also Dr Who film researcher Philip Morris has been working with Peter Greenwood of Chertok company in recent years to try and recover the missing episodes with several close calls but no true results as yet [18] In popular culture[ edit ] According to The Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang, My Living Doll is the source of the science fiction phrase " Does not compute " in popular culture.

He has stated that this show would be more in tune with present day morals and would change a great deal of the format to highlight the character,based on the current need for positive intelligent and meaningful female role models.

Channel 13 festival starts may 1 with a ballet film from sweden. Chicago Tribune Current File Retrieved from https: Networks cover warren report thoroughly. Peyton place sets pace for new shows. Burgess meredith to boss mr. Retrieved 1 June Get the latest slate of VH1 Shows!

My Favourite Television Programme Essay For Kids

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