Meningitis in el salvador

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Meningitis in el salvador

Meningitis in el salvador

One of them was the doctor himself; the other man was a poor steel worker whom two years earlier lost his second child to bronchitis. The doctor said to my father the choices you have are to cry for a few months or years after the death of your first born or to cry for an entire life.

Meningitis in el salvador

Because your son can grows up deft, mute, or mentally retarded as a consequences of the experimental surgery the surgeons want to perform on him child.

That was the conversation the doctor and my father had some 44 years ago, after the doctors in San Salvador diagnosed me with meningitis at the age of three years and five months.

The doctors in San Salvador were pressing my father to consent to an experimental brain surgery, rather than the antibiotics treatment. My father opted for the antibiotics treatment instead.

Three months inpatient and two years follow-up was length of my battle with the disease. Meningitis is a disease caused by the inflammation of the protective membranes covering the brain and spinal cord known as the meninges. The inflammation is usually caused by an infection of the fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord.

Meningitis is also referred to as spinal meningitis. Of the many causes that can lead to Meningitis, usually is bacteria or viruses, but meningitis also can be caused by physical injury, cancer, or certain drugs. The severity of illness and the treatment for meningitis differ, depending on the cause.

Thus it is important to know the specific cause of meningitis.A pentavalent vaccine, or 5-in-1 vaccine, is a combination vaccine with five individual vaccines conjugated into one, intended to actively protect people from multiple diseases.

The most widely-used example is a vaccine that protects against Haemophilus influenzae type B (a bacterium that causes meningitis, pneumonia and otitis), whooping. Passport Health will help you receive the immunizations, assistance and advice you need for a trip to el Salvador.5/5(7).

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El Salvador Specific Advice. Vaccinations For Your Itinerary. With a rich history of native tribes and colonialism, El Salvador is a great destination. Meningitis – Airborne & Direct 5/5(7).

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