Master thesis european integration process

It is the most important paper you will write within the programme and should form a substantial contribution to the current discussion of Europeanisation. List of completed M. Theses Theses on the following topics have been submitted in the past: Cohort Facebookdiskurse rechter Parteien in Deutschland und Frankreich im Wahlkampfjahr

Master thesis european integration process

Excerpt The different phases of the European integration process, concerns and driving forces, from to the 21st century The Second World War was an utterly brutal episode in the history of Europe which would leave its marks for the next half century that followed.

It had altered the ethnic structure of Europe through population movements master thesis european integration process mass murder, transforming pre-war Europe into a completely different continent. In the following decades Europe will slowly regain confidence: The wish to pacify the continent gained in strength and this was the backdrop for the idea of forming a European Community.

From to Common strife towards pacifism and beginnings of cooperation With the common aim of ending the frequent and bloody wars that have shattered most european countries and which were at its highest during the Second World Warthe European Union seemed like a bright and promising project, even if European leaders were facing heavy challenges: This brought about several conditions and changes for the European countries: In spite of a certain number of draw-backs, the US tutelage also had its good points.

In the year for instance, the Marshall Plan was set up by the US in order to help Europe recover after the war. This strategy was also meant to encourage cooperation between the recipient nation, and that was very important so as to bond the two bitter enemies, France and Germany, and avoid another outbreak of violence in the future Warleigh, As Winston Churchill lead Britain through the war, and although he was no longer Prime Minister afterhis contribution to the establishment of the European Union is fundamental.

Bizarrely, he didn't seem to include Britain into his logic of unified European continent. This historical speech prompted concrete measures: We can thus consider Winston Churchill as a driving actor in the process of European integration. Nonetheless although he delivered an inspiring speech, Churchill was not able to give clear instruction on how to achieve such a union.

The purpose of creating a community that would link the nations to one another was to prevent another outbreak of war on the European continent, something that had already happened twice in only 30 years between and Maintaining a durable freedom was thus a key topic of concern in the process Warleigh, The first out of three European Communities was born.

Unfortunately the practical approach of Schuman and Monnet had its limits: Indeed, the six member states were not yet ready for a commitment which would bind them together in matters of defence and thus compromise their sovereignty in such pivotal sectors Warleigh, Since the 25 March these three treaties together were henceforth known as the Treaty of Rome.

Indeed the EEC's main roles were to ensure an economic and trade-friendly environment by eliminating all barriers between the European countries' borders; thus, the Treaty of Rome extended the Common Market from only steel and coal as it was the case in the ECSC to a general market including all goods.

In the s the members' economies developed very well, except for Britain who felt the impact of the loss of its colonies. Gradually the EEC seemed appealing. Indeed, as the first President of France's fifth's Republic, Charles de Gaulle didn't count the European Union among his priorities.

As a former resistance leader during World War II his overriding goal in the aftermath of the war was to restore France's image as a world power and liberate it from the domination of the USA.

master thesis european integration process

As a result he wasn't particularly keen on developing a European federation, fearing that the EEC would expand into a more supranational community.The aim of this thesis is to discuss why the European Community decided to integrate admission policies toward immigrants in the Treaty on European Union (TEU) in Immigration represents a complex policy field in the .

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Master’s thesis The integration of expatriates: How expatriates living in Denmark define integration Andrea Kloss MSc in Business Language and Culture Copenhagen Business School culture and society and how they experience this process of integration in Denmark. 3 2. Problem formulation.

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