Managerial economics case studies with answers

Roles played by business managers are becoming increasingly more challenging as complexity in the business world grows. Business decisions are increasingly dependent on constraints imposed from outside the economy in which a particular business is based—both in terms of production of goods as well as the markets for the goods produced. The impact of rapid technological change on innovation in products and processes, as well as in marketing and sales techniques, figures prominently among the factors contributing to the increasing complexity of the business environment. Moreover, because of increased globalization of the marketplace, there is more volatility in both input and product prices.

Managerial economics case studies with answers

Managerial economics case studies with answers

Almost a century ago, researchers at a manufacturing plant in Illinois observed a principle of employee behavior that is as true and applicable today as it was then.

What Were the Hawthorne Studies? In the late s, managers at Hawthorne Works - a large manufacturer operating in Illinois - asked themselves this question: Are our employees more productive in a well-lit environment than they are in a poorly-lit environment?

This was really the beginning of the quality revolution in American business, and questions that now seem simple to us now had to be answered.

What Did the Hawthorne Studies Discover? To answer their question, managers at Hawthorne Works hired some consultants and commissioned a study. Their findings are probably what you would expect.

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Dr. Arsham's Statistics Site Roles played by business managers are becoming increasingly more challenging as complexity in the business world grows.
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Well-lit lighting increased productivity, as did a few other variables, such as having a clean workstation, allowing employees to build and work in teams, and having regular breaks.

While these were the direct findings from the Hawthorne study, none of them were groundbreaking. But the researchers made another observation - one that led to an idea taught in nearly every business textbook used in the last 70 years.

The Hawthorne Effect During the Hawthorne study, when researchers adjusted an independent variable, the variable that can be manipulated to measure its impact on another dependent variable, productivity changed. But, after a relatively short time, those productivity gains disappeared and output ended up drifting back to the previous level.

The conclusion was that changes in the work environment could impact productivity, but those productivity gains are only short term. Like any good researcher would, those working with Hawthorne Works scratched their heads and asked why. Their answer became known as the Hawthorne effect and is the same principle that leads most drivers to slow down when they see a cop.

Examples of the Hawthorne Effect in Business We can see examples of the Hawthorne effect in business every day.

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If a single promotion opportunity becomes available, those in the organization that want the promotion will change their behaviors: The same thing happens during any period of performance is the place to go to get the answers you need and to ask the questions you want. is the place to go to get the answers you need and to ask the questions you want. Professors Lila J. Truett and Dale B. Truett teach managerial economics and a number of other economics courses at The University of Texas at San Antonio.

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