Malaysia country report

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Malaysia country report

June —May Internet penetration and average connection speeds increased see Availability and Ease of Access Several websites remain blocked for reporting on a billion dollar corruption scandal implicating Prime Minister Najib Razak, including the publishing platform Medium see Blocking and Filtering.

Prosecutions were initiated based on a news video criticizing the Attorney-General and social media posts about leaders; a Facebook user was sentenced to one year in prison in June see Prosecutions and Detentions for Online Activities.

Internet freedom improved slightly in as a result of increasing Malaysia country report penetration and speed. Officials embattled by allegations of government corruption continued to prosecute critics for online speech. The Barisan Nasional coalition has a mandate until mid, and the anticipated general election could intensify pressure on internet freedom.

Past elections have seen increasing manipulation of content online, and the Umno party, which dominates the coalition and the government, was already ramping up its social media activities during the coverage period.

No websites were newly blocked in the past year, but several popular websites and blogs were still banned for publishing corruption allegations linked to Prime Minister Najib Razak. Internet users faced fresh criminal charges under a problematic communications and multimedia law for online comments about ruling politicians and Malay rulers.

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Freedom on the Net Score: Government policies that promote access high mobile phone penetration is reducing this gap. An open market allows fierce competition among providers, resulting in attractive pricing and high quality service.

Availability and Ease of Access Internet penetration and average connection speeds increased during the coverage period see Key Access Indicatorsthough the benefits remain concentrated in developed or urban areas. Government statistics show that the highest internet penetration in was in the highly developed Klang Valley area, which comprises the capital city Kuala Lumpur Free Wi-Fi connections are available in many urban spaces, including malls, restaurants, hotels and tourist destinations.

Penetration rates remained low in the underdeveloped, less populated states of Sabah The most prolific users were aged 20 to 24 22 percent.

However, the average age of internet users In the Asia Pacific, Malaysia was 9th among 15 countries. The Malaysia Communication and Multimedia Commission MCMC was slated to invest heavily to improve broadband coverage and quality, aiming to achieve connection speeds of 20 Mbps throughout the country.

The government will also launch an initiative to increase the internet speed in public universities to Gbps. Inthe government said it had issued licenses to network facilities providers up from in Some local authorities have introduced restrictions on cybercafes to curb illegal online activities, particularly gambling.

Despite its multistakeholder advisory board, it has a poor record of upholding internet freedom. The Communication and Multimedia Act CMA gives the ministry a range of powers, including licensing the ownership and operation of network facilities.

The process for appointing members of the MCMC advisory board is more transparent and participatory, involving consultations with diverse stakeholders and the inclusion of civil society members on the board.

The ruling party urged members to master the use of the social media to win the war of perception ahead of the general election inand officials took steps to combat fake news.

Blocking and Filtering The government blocked news websites in relation to political corruption allegations for the first time in and No new blocks were reported inbut most of the blocked sites remained inaccessible.

At least three international websites remain blocked in relation to corruption reporting implicating Prime Minister Najib.

The government claimed the articles were detrimental to national security. Local content was targeted for the same reason. No list of affected sites is available. Site owners can appeal directly to the MCMC if mistakenly blocked, though they are not guaranteed to be heard.

Combative political reporting online may have caused the government or its supporters to try to censor a handful of news websites in the lead-up to elections.

The sites were simultaneously targeted by hackers, and the cause of the service disruption remains unclear.

Malaysia country report

Figures illustrating the number of sites blocked for breaking local laws are periodically reported in response to questions in parliament, but without further detail. In Marchthe government said it has blocked 10, websites found to be involved in online fraud between and January No such instructions were made publicly in the review period.

Requests are generally nontransparent and lack judicial oversight or avenues for appeal. Medium was blocked in after refusing a government request to remove content see Blocking and Filtering.

Malaysia country report

Inparliament passed an amendment to the Evidence Act that holds intermediaries liable for seditious content posted anonymously on their networks or websites.

Some blogs and news portals were inaccessible after they were blocked during the last review period see Blocking and Filtering. However, no new websites were newly blocked. Digital media represents an increasingly serious challenge to traditional media, which is restricted by the state.CCOP Member Country Report: MALAYSIA 5 exploit groundwater, the largest source of usable fresh water, to control peatland fires and as an alternative water resource for the populace in areas of water constraint, especially during.

CHAPTER 5 Malaysia Country Report Saadiah Mohammad Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia Introduction As a country, Malaysia represents one of the success stories in the ASEAN in terms of its top-down political commitment to the five-year economic plans.

Notwithstanding, Malaysians perceive the police as the most corrupt institution in the country. Long-standing US Department of State: Human Rights Practices Report – Malaysia Malaysian Insider: ‘Corruption, public distrust plague police force, says Low’, 8 April This report provides an overview of national approaches to disclosure and transparency in the state-owned enterprise (SOE) sector in nine Asian economies: Bhutan, India, Kazakhstan, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand and Viet Nam.

Malaysia Global Economic Prospects examines trends for the world economy and how they affect developing countries. The report includes country-specific three-year forecasts for major macroeconomic indicators, including commodity and financial markets.

Country Report Regional Course on Statistics on Informality: Informal Economy, Work and Employment Malaysia 2 1. BACKGROUND The Ministry of Human Resource Malaysia (MOHR) is the .

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