How to write a news jingle mp3

Performed on Celesta and Violin Problems playing these files? Melody[ edit ] The original "Jingle Bells" had a slightly different chorus featuring a more classical -style melody. The "Jingle Bells" tune is used in French and German songs, although the lyrics are unrelated to the English lyrics. Both songs celebrate winter fun, as in the English version.

How to write a news jingle mp3

From their vinyl LP, "Memories": Melbourne's commercial stations tried everything during that time - beautiful music, shock-jock, comedy, sport - you name it.

But the majority of Melbourne listeners still preferred to listen to Peter Evans' dulcet tones as they burned their toast and headed off to work - especially on those cold, depressing Melbourne Monday mornings. Well, because he was intelligent, witty, very layback, didn't seem to have the slightest interest in the music he was given to play bright and tuneful though it usually wasand just had a way of making you feel that you were somehow listening into the private musings of a disgruntled yet amusing gentleman who'd somehow wandered into a radio announcing career against his better judgement.

Here are a few surviving air-checks. First up - a 27 minute sample from a breakfast session: And here's another 13 minute classic air-check of an Evans breakfast session from This one is particularly special, as it contains a replay of that all-time classic Spike Milligan ABC news interruption about 6 minutes in.

The latter happened back in during one of Spike's visits to Australia when the ABC made the dreadful mistake of allowing him to remain in the news booth during the reading of the 5 minute ABC National Bulletin. Thanks to Stephen Spicer one of that rare breed who managed to successfully evade the dreaded exclusion committee and actually graduate from Monash University's Electrical Engineering faculty for passing this on.

Recorded off his crystal set: You'll hear Peter rattling and crossing off each piece as he reads it, and tapping his feet against the desk as was his habit.

You can even hear or feel the city traffic out in William and Lonsdale streets in the background. This was when ABC radio was still on the corner of that intersection, right in the middle of Melbourne before moving out to South Melbourne in the late s.

The last 4 weeks worth of the latter can also be accessed via the ABC web site here but be warned - you'll need that dreaded "Real" player to hear them. Terry used to have an interesting web site of his own too, although it seems he may have killed that off now. And unfortunately for us Melbournites, he's now retired from his Thursday morning 3LO stint, the 11am Conversation Hour see "Lane and Faine" below if you'd like to hear some of those classics.

And one last Evans session This is a long one hour off-air recording fromand my well-used Ampex tape see box at left also exhibits quite a few dropouts.

It's also somewhat over-recorded, unfortunately which was entirely my fault. Peter was coming down with a virus on this particular day, as you'll hear.

how to write a news jingle mp3

Typical Evans back-announcement 50 minutes into this one: Music fades, followed by a time call "Quarter past seven You don't believe me?

It's a quarter past seven!

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I've always enjoyed listening to Terry for a number of reasons - his depth of knowledge, his naughty sense of humour, his command of the English language, and even just for his precise diction.

Interestingly, Terry got himself and John Faine and even the ABC into some degree of trouble with Media Watch and subsequently with the ABA back in the year with one particular "Conversation Hour" - simply by telling a large number of terribly naughty and "politically incorrect" jokes. Which is rather amazing when one considers that Media Watch is a national TV program, whereas the weekly "Lane and Faine" hour is only broadcast in one Oz State, Victoria.

Anyway, onto the replays. So if you enjoy listening to Terry Lane, here we go with some of those Thursday 20th of May, - and we discover why Terry's previous Sunday program on Radio National was just a replay. Anyway, we eventually meet a very interesting NZ playright, and a Circus Oz performer who broke her neck.

Unfortunately, I had a marginal and slightly 'scratchy' signal from the ABC's regional FM transmitter up in Ballarat, so I've chopped out the first interview and edited the whole session down to 30 minutes. I've kept the 2nd interview in its entirety because it's with Sophie Von Trapp - none other than the real great-grand-daughter of the Captain in the Von Trapp family as depicted in the Broadway production and film "The Sound of Music".

And guess what - this generation of Von Trapp kids are singing again. Not only that - Sophie really was 16 going on 17 at the time of this interview - and that was almost a little spooky.

Anyway, just hearing some of the truth behind the legend is fun Thursday February 10,and tuning in, we all heard John Faine wishing Terry Lane a happy new year and all that - but then adding I walked around stunned as I heard this one - very sad. Still, I guess that's Terry's prerogative They recall many amusing incidents from the past 8 years in this program.Riverboat MP3 Catalog Each title is available as a MP3 download for $7.

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If you need the music on CD, please contact Bob Elling directly to order. Titles on CD are $10 each, due to extra handling required. In July, Sony will issue Boney M. Complete, a new nine-LP vinyl box that brings together all the studio albums from the massively popular band.

The vinyl box will contain g pressings of the following albums: Take The Heat Off Me, Nightflight To Venus, Love For Sale, Kalimba de Luna, Boonoonoonoos, Oceans Of Fantasy, Eye Dance, Ten Thousand Lightyears and the Christmas Album. We at the Jazz-On-Line website are dedicated to the preservation of the Jazz music of the early twentieth century.

Many of these recordings were made on fragile, RPM, shellac discs and exist only in the collections of some contributors to this website.

When you use a browser, like Chrome, it saves some information from websites in its cache and cookies. Clearing them fixes certain problems, like loading or formatting issues on sites. The cassette was a great step forward in convenience from reel-to-reel audio tape recording, although, because of the limitations of the cassette's size and speed, it initially compared poorly in the 4-track stereo open-reel format, the two stereo tracks of each side lie adjacent to each other, rather than being interleaved with the tracks of the other side.

Journalism, like any profession, has its own language and specialist words which practitioners need to know. The following glossary contains more than definitions of terms about journalism and the media - including new media - making it probably the biggest, most extensive journalism and media glossary available free online..

Spelling and punctuation of terms occasionally vary.

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