Essay on aseptic technique

Health care Aseptic techniques may be adopted in a number of environments including surgery, community and ward based nursing.

Essay on aseptic technique

More Essay Examples on Environment Rubric Aseptic technique is a set of practices designed to prevent nosocomial infection by providing a clean and safe surgical environment. The aseptic technique also involves preventing the introduction of these unwanted microorganisms from entering that particular environment.

In the operating room the following aseptic techniques need to be observed: Human hands are a very active part of the body. As we touch, carry, tap, hold onto people, items and surfaces, it is easy to transfer harmful germs. Thus washing hands is an important aseptic technique in the operating room.

Essay on aseptic technique

In the surgery hands need to be washed for 3 minutes using a surgical scrub solution. Illustrations of the scrub procedure of hands are often placed above taps to guide personnel during the hand scrub.

Essay on aseptic technique

The hand scrub is part of the clean techniques that serve to reduce the presence of infectious agents. Furthermore, the surgical hand scrub is necessary because surgery is an invasive procedure. Instruments in the surgery need to be cleaned and sterilized.

Sterilization of ensures that surgical equipment carry no micro-organisms before they are used in the operating room. Sterilization of surgical instruments is a difficult job and it takes an experienced surgical technologist to do a good job.

It is important that all surgical instruments, implants to be used and other supplies in the operating be sterilized using gas. This is referred to as autoclave.

After gas sterilization is done, verification should be done using appropriate instruments.

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Surgical technologists should note that alcohol is not an effective sterilizing and disinfecting agent. It should never be used as such in the operating room. Avoid liquid sterilants as well, gas is preferred. Also, it is important to check the expiry date of disposable items.

After instruments have been sterilized, aseptic technique requires that the surgical technologist should wrap them in order to preserve the sterility before it is used. Some sterile instruments used in the operating room are disposable, thus need to be dealt with accordingly. Sterile drapes are also an important part of aseptic technique in the operating room.

Sterile drapes protect the operative area and also protect surgical instruments and equipment.

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