Earn money by writing apps

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Earn money by writing apps

Lagorio Senior writer, Inc. Lagorio How many times has a friend showed you his or her favorite new iPhone app, and you lamented: Why didn't I think of that? If you're a designer or programmer, how can you afford not to be creating apps?

Well, it's not quite that simple. Apple says it receives between 8, and 10, application submissions every week.

That's a mighty lot of competition, even for experienced game and media designers. The partners this year debuted their first app, a location-aware, golf-inspired game called Gigaputt. Trefry says that while the new publishing structure under Apple's purview coupled with a dense marketplace can be intimidating, he's found there's still ample opportunity for designers to carve out a niche for their app.

And lots of the work comes after the design and programming is already done. Here are some tips to helping your app turn a profit. Getting Approved In a market where everyone wants in on the action, as an app creator, you have two big hurdles.

The first is creating an app worthy of a favorable review upon submission to the Apple iTunes App Store. The second is promoting your app so that it breaks through the pack and sells well.

Though there's a lot of negative hype concerning the first hurdle, developers generally say that getting their app approved isn't the struggle it's made out to be. Apple's standards for apps do restrict some racy and pornographic content, and the company excludes apps that, in its view, do not enhance the iPhone experience or that duplicate existing iPhone features.

When it comes to fresh, inventive content, however, most apps are readily approved.

earn money by writing apps

Zach Saul, founder of Retronyms, a San Francisco-based app creating company, has been creating apps since the iTunes App Store launch, in which his popular, cent app Recorder — an audio recorder — was included. Promoting Your App After an app has been approved and is listed for sale in the iTunes App Store, your next goal is to get customers to download it.

To some extent, this process becomes a chicken-and-egg scenario. Vaulting into a top-selling category is the best way to encourage sales — but you first must have sales to rank highly within a category. Fortunately, the process of gaining exposure isn't completely out of your hands.

Apple features new apps daily. What does it take to win over Apple's support? Good design is important. Enlist a designer to help create the interface a user will experience, as well as the logos and screen shots that will appear on the Apple iTunes App Store.

This collateral is the first thing a potential buyer will see, so maximizing its impact is crucial. Besides design, being polished includes being technically solid. You should also be sure to give your app the full battery of beta-testing it needs before you make your submission.

How Much Money Can an App Earn?

An inexpensive way to test it is to distribute it among friends and solicit feedback. Without smooth functionality, your app will be dead in the water.There's a good chance you often find yourself killing time by idling browsing through your smartphone.

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