Discoveries involve experiences of expectation and

New data results in new theories, and theories inspire experiments which are designed to test them

Discoveries involve experiences of expectation and

These strengths are then used to rank candidates by their likely ability to succeed, provide interviewers with the most illuminating questions, and create a personalized Professional Development Profile PDP for each candidate. Based on research compiled in collaboration with a research consortium that includes the Northwest Evaluation Association, the University of Chicago, and other highly regarded institutions and experts, EPI assessments deliver data-based, educated insights to help school leaders ensure districtwide success.

Empower reviewers to focus on top candidates first, engage them, and reduce risk of a lost opportunity. Offer reliable information to help make and defend hiring decisions, powered by research from a team of highly skilled psychometricians, predictive modeling specialists, and Ph.

Integrate with leading applicant tracking solutions, so reviewers can easily access complete candidate information.

Unique solutions that work in similar ways Online assessment for applicants: After applying for a position, applicants receive an email asking them to complete an online assessment — questions for teachers, questions for principals.

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Assessment development Testing Rules Like many computer-based assessment programs, EPI assessments are not immune to dishonesty or other fraudulent assessment activities of examinees, which can, not only compromise the integrity of the assessment and its validity, but also negate the many hours and dollars expended to bring each assessment to fruition.

Further, while even dishonest candidates must master the required objectives in order be successful, since only a sample of the knowledge, skills, and abilities can be measured in any given assessment, the exact items and tasks used in the assessments need to be secured to the greatest degree possible.

To help ensure the integrity of EPI assessments, test candidates must follow the testing rules outlined below: Candidates must read and accept the terms of the non-disclosure agreement presented prior to the start of any EPI assessment.

Candidates must not reproduce exam content outside of the testing area. Candidates must abide by the terms of the retake policy. Candidates found to have violated these rules may lose any existing assessment scores and may be made permanently ineligible for additional assessments.

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Assessment Timing The maximum time allowed for an EPI assessment is 90 minutes, and each item has a stipulated time limit of 75 seconds. Test candidates must respond to each item within its stipulated time limit, and they must answer all of the items in one sitting.

The following guidelines apply: You are not able to skip questions. Make sure that you have a stable and reliable internet connection. Make sure that you have at least 90 minutes of uninterrupted time to complete an EPI assessment.

Scoring and Interpretation Figure 1 The number of points possible for an EPI assessment varies, and each item is scored against the end-result of a set of independent tasks within the assessment.

Discoveries involve experiences of expectation and

While some items may involve more tasks than others e. EPI assessments are norm-referenced: Assessment scores return an estimate of the position of a test candidate within the population of total test takers, with respect to the domain being measured.

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Since the total number of points possible for EPI assessments differ across domains e. Placing scores on the same metric allows equal comparisons of test scores across domains, as well as alternate forms of each assessment.

Scores are based on a normal distribution that range from Normal distribution with a mean score of 50 and standard deviation of Sixty-eight percent of candidate scores will fall between Grievance Policy and Procedures Policy PeopleAdmin is committed to developing assessments that operate as fair, valid, and reliable measures of competency and meet applicable professional standards of test development and administration.

Technical Issues If a candidate has a technical problem with an assessment, PeopleAdmin technical support is the first point of contact. PeopleAdmin will review all technical test incident issues and provide appropriate feedback to the candidate whenever possible.

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In the event that an assessment crashes, PeopleAdmin will troubleshoot the issue and may ask the candidate to restart the assessment, which will automatically return the candidate to the last recorded item. Since data are saved at one-item intervals, candidates will not need to repeat items.

Candidates have three attempts to complete the assessment i.Like many computer-based assessment programs, EPI assessments are not immune to dishonesty or other fraudulent assessment activities of examinees, which can, not only compromise the integrity of the assessment and its validity, but also negate the many hours and dollars expended to bring each assessment to fruition.

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