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Biol 5 variation essay writer

Shell thickness does not evolve in the population. Shell thickness evolves for some snails in the population. Shell thickness increases for all snails in the population.

Average shell thickness in the population evolves over several generations. The average shell thickness increases within each generation, but there is no change in shell thickness from generation to generation. There is evolution by natural selection of shell thickness, and average shell thickness increases every generation.

There may be evolution of shell thickness, but not through natural selection and not necessarily toward thicker shells. There is no change in shell thickness within the population.

If mutations arise that affect shell thickness within a snail population, then with crabs present, those mutations: Will result in offspring having thicker shells than their parents. Will result in offspring having thicker or thinner shells than their parents. Will happen because the parents choose to give them to their offspring.

Will occur because crabs are present and snails need protection against predation. The 14 species of finches on the Galapagos Islands evolved from a single species that migrated to the islands several million years ago. Different finch species live on different islands.

A major difference among finch species is in their beaks: Assume that a population of one of these finch species is undergoing evolution by natural selection with respect to beak size and shape. What changes occur gradually over time that indicate the population is evolving?

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All finches in each new generation develop the same new, improved beak size and shape. Could individuals of a species look different today than individuals of the same species did many generations ago? Why or why not? Yes, all individuals can change a little and pass those changes on to their offspring.

Yes, some individuals can change a little and pass those changes on to their offspring. Yes, some individuals with certain traits are more likely to survive and pass those traits on to their offspring. No, species do not change even after many generations, so individuals of the same species would not look different.

Offspring must be similar to their parents due to share genes. There must be a sudden environmental change. There must be a predator preying on the species. One or more species must have recently been introduced to the region. DDT is an insecticide that was used extensively in the mids to kill mosquitoes.

It was very effective at first, but after a few decades DDT became less effective at killing mosquitoes because many populations had evolved resistance to DDT. Which of the following conditions would biologists say was required for the evolution of DDT resistance in a population?

A few mosquitoes in the population were resistant to DDT before it was ever used. Mosquitoes in the population learned to adapt to the high levels of DDT in the environment.An essay of the necklace research paper on cycle anemia english essays on television essay about the future world society euthanasia essay conclusion words, seras tu la musso critique essay cheval dangereux euthanasia essay reflowering essay writing architectural critical essay history in modern press princeton publication typography.

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Origin of variation between species. Speciation is defined as the process by which, a group of organisms becomes isolated from original population, eventually resulting into the formation of new species.

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biol 5 variation essay writer

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