Applying servqual to web sites an


Applying servqual to web sites an

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The items that have been identi? Introduction In the early s three technologies communications speed, memory capacity, and computer speed were rapidly growing in terms of capabilities they had for over 20 years. However, their combined S-curve growths suddenly enabled one of the greatest technology revolutions ever seen — the explosion of the Internet.

Originally designed as an information conduit, entrepreneurs soon saw the great power of a selling channel that enabled browsing, selecting, and buying without leaving the comfort of the home.

Businesses realized that they could interact directly with other businesses over the Internet, as well. Additionally, government agencies caught on and began delivering services online, collecting payments for licenses and taxes, providing information, etc.

The history of this explosion is well documented as both computer Applying servqual to web sites an Internet use have increased substantially in the past few years US Department of Commerce, Since computer use has grown at a rate of 5. Internet use has grown at a rate of 20 percent per year sinceand in the 13 months prior to the September survey by the US Department of Commerce, over 26 million more Americans went online.

The authors are thankful to all anonymous referees for their valuable comments. Subsequently, many of those companies are now gone as witnessed by the huge number of bankruptcies Baldwin, Different experts might de? Various parties have forecast different results. However, this accounts for only 2 percent of the overall retail spending.

It has been predicted that this share will grow by about three-tenths of a percentage point each year through at leastmarking a slow but steady climb. The value of the Internet goes beyond adding another selling channel. Companies that retained customers exhibited traits of reliable basic operational execution.

Their sites downloaded quickly; they responded to customer queries quickly; they delivered more than 95 percent of their orders on time; and they made it easy for customers to return or exchange purchases. One company raised its on-time delivery rates from 60 to 90 percent, and cut customer churn in half Agrawal et al.

The Internet also can play a pivotal role in enhancing brand relationships and corporate reputations. Nike, Disney, Coke, and Toyota are all well-established brands that drive us to search for and?

Applying servqual to web sites an

Branding is a critical component of the design of Web sites. It is about building a brand or corporate reputation to create relationships with customers Chiagouris and Wansley, The Web site must capture the attention of those people who know nothing or very little about the company, but are interested in its category.

It must also build awareness of what the company does within the context of the industry in which it is competing. Earlier Web sites were developed by large corporations, which required that they adhere to the corporate logo and color scheme, attach to the corporate databases, and comply with several other corporate requirements.

This translated to high cost and signi? While the company was in operation fast, the sites were often unattractive and dif? Is it not surprising that the companies that are most successful selling over the Internet are the former and not the later?

Just as in the bricks and mortar world, companies have to offer excellent service on the Web. Web sites will become very important to companies as more products and services will be bought either over the Internet or by making use of the Internet before purchasing in a bricks and mortar store.

The purpose of our research is to provide empirical evidence on the factors that contribute to the quality of Web sites. Our most important research questions are: How do customers distinguish a good Web site from a bad one?

What factors determine the quality of a Web site?Parasuraman A Zeithaml VA and Berry LL Reassessment of expectations as a from CIT at Indiana University, Purdue University Indianapolis. Find Study Resources van der Wiele, T., Ball, L., and Millen, R.

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SERVQUAL is a multi-item scale developed to assess customer perceptions of service quality in service and retail businesses (Parasuraman et. al., ). The scale decomposes the notion of service quality into five constructs as follows. International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management Emerald Article: Applying SERVQUAL to Web sites: an exploratory study Jos van Iwaarden, Ton van der Wiele, Leslie Ball, Robert Millen.

In an effort to identify the quality factors perceived to be most important in relation to the use of Web sites, a survey was undertaken. The questionnaire utilized was based on the SERVQUAL instrument that identifies five quality dimensions in service environments. The results indicate that the quality dimensions found applicable in the service sector are also applicable to Web sites.


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