An introduction to the life and literature by helen vendler

Poems, Poets, Poetry demystifies the form and introduces students to its artistry and pleasures, using methods that Helen Vendler has successfully used herself over her long, celebrated career. Her blend of new and canonical poets includes the broadest selection of new and multi-racial poets offered by any introductory text. Comprehensive and astute, this text engages students in effective ways of reading — and taking delight in — poetry. Mclaughlin on May 05, There may be something ominous to potential, non-student readers in the fact that this is a "textbook".

An introduction to the life and literature by helen vendler

The internet has been warmed this week by the fires between Harvard critic Helen Vendler and former U. Angry letters have been pouring in against Vendler. No century in the evolution of poetry in English ever had poets worth reading, so why are we being asked to sample so many poets of little or no lasting value?

Anthologists may now be extending a too general welcome. Such cartoonish remarks are not helpful to the understanding of poetry. These are the kind of passages that makes every writer cringe. Who among us can throw the first stone?

Dove responded in a word letter.

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She could have done it more effectively with far fewer words. She has some good points to make. Tolson is represented by two poems actually, one poem and one section of a book-length poem ; Stevens by six.

Should Tolson be denied representation because he writes long poems?

See a Problem?

As far as the selection of early Stevens goes, my original choices included several middle-period poems, but rights problems prohibited their final inclusion. However, in juxtaposing a great Anglo-American poet with a great African-American one, Vendler immediately draws unsubstantiated conclusions that fit her bias.

She accuses Vendler of racism, and stoops to attack the critic rather than the criticism. Truly, there is a lot to be said for favoring a minor, relatively unknown poet who lights a fire in a few souls over some widely accepted canonical poets.

How to balance the worrying, risky — and inevitably biased and unfair — process of winnowing against the easy out of letting flowers bloom? Also, Vendler is reacting to a literary world where poets often have an eye to classroom sales.

Bashing off a quick anthology with a breezy introduction is a cash cow for an otherwise poorly remunerated profession.

The best thing Dove could have done was shut up and let people draw their own conclusions. Perhaps this was just another example of territoriality. In most, though not in my opinion all, of her criticisms, Vendler put her finger on blatant weaknesses, although she ignored the most obvious weakness of all: Dove explains in her introduction that her permissions funds did not run to such expensive poets, and she says to the reader: A large one has to decide whether it is prepared to stump up the money to do the job properly.

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An introduction to the life and literature by helen vendler

This entry was posted on Tuesday, December 13th, at 8: You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.Jul 01,  · “Reality is a cliche from which we escape by metaphor.” It didn't take me long while reading Helen Vendler's introduction to poetry to remember this quote from Wallace Stevens, as so much of the best poetry deals with the flouting of conventions and the subverting of cliches/5.

Jul 01,  · Vendler’s introduction is intended for novices; but her sagacious and analytic approach manages to achieve accessibility without forfeiting depth. Each chapter explains a particular way of looking at a poem—whether as an arranged life, or as an exploration of language, and so on/5.

2 Vendler's Poems, Poets, Poetry: An Introduction and Anthology The publication of Helen Vendler's Poems, Poets, Poetry: An Introduction and Anthology (PPP) is a significant occasion is the history of literary theory and pedagogy, because it pulls together this new scholarly work on the lyric and energetically and synthetically pursues what it.

By Helen Vendler Harvard University Press, May Helen Vendler, A. Kingsley Porter Professor at Harvard University, begins her new book with what she calls an “account of [her] life as a critic” – a reasonable subject for an introduction, given that, at the time this review is published, Vendler will have just passed her 82nd birthday.

Helen Vendler Arthur Kingsley Porter University Professor. Harvard University Department of English (Review of The Whole Harmonium: The Life of Wallace Stevens (Adapted from the introduction to The Complete Poems of A.

R. Ammons, ). Helen Vendler (Full name Helen Hennessy Vendler) American literary critic and editor. The following entry presents an overview of Vendler's career through

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