An argument against the faults of northside high school

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They say their son ended up in detention after standing up to a bully. The parents say it happened on Thursday evening after wrestling practice. She says another boy called a girl a vulgar name and threw a water bottle at her. There, they found out their son would be put in detention for a day.

Mark Thomason, Stepfather, said, "I told the principal what was my son supposed to do?

Northside High School to close a year early after students and teachers flee

Was he supposed to walk away and let this continue to happen? That post received hundreds of likes and comments.


The family is planning to gather near the school tomorrow at noon to show that they stand up against bullying. The school sent a message out to parents saying: Paul Lineburg, principal of Northside Middle School: I wanted to take a moment to remind parents that Northside Middle School is a respectful and caring school, and we do not tolerate bullying or harassment of any sort.

We encourage our students to speak up against bullying or harassment.

An argument against the faults of northside high school

If you or your students are concerned about bullying or harassment, I encourage you or your student to immediately speak to a teacher, counselor or school administrator.News Archive.

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