An analysis of the littel rock integration crisis

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An analysis of the littel rock integration crisis

It was full of double-talk and did not ring true. This student transferred to another school in another state frustrated with what was found on that campus. As someone who grew up with a mostly white family I never got to experience my Black culture.

A word should be said about my aunt. She inspired me to understand that the search for identity and purpose is consistent with love for our people. She is in touch with her island roots and helped open my eyes.

Growing up around white people I was always different. I was bullied a lot. She taught me to seek out my history and this would lead me to the path I must walk. I am not sure that those who tried to bully me when I was younger had been taught that or will be taught that.

What a blessing and a gift.

I decided on Philander Smith. I was excited to not only learn my culture but to be surrounded by my own people. After 2 weeks I realized I made a mistake.

During my first semester I worked in the admissions office and it was there I learned a lot of things. My job, in admissions, was mostly inputting the applications from the students.

Many of the students who were put into the system had very low GPA and test scores. Most of the students did not have references or student statements to submit with their application. It seemed like as long as students applied they were admitted. While working in admissions, I learned that there were people in the financial aid office who were embezzling money from the students.

There were lots of secret meetings and whispers. It was a huge scandal across campus and even staff in multiple offices confirmed it. People from different offices would come into the admissions office and go into Mr.

An analysis of the littel rock integration crisis

When enrolling you have to visit multiple offices to complete your paper work. First you must go to the admissions office to fill out the basic information and turn in all your documents needed. The only reason I caught it is because I triple check all accounts and what is going where.

When they charged my account for the extra classes, it was after the money embezzlement, so I definitely thought they were trying to steal money. On top of the extra charge, money was just missing from my account and no matter how I recalculated I was still coming up short. The business office is responsible for the charges on your account and your refund.

Though incompetence is widespread, it can be an honest mistake. But this can also be part of the process of exploitation where financial aid monies are stolen.

The reason for the deadline is to get everything processed and sent to school in time to pay for classes. That is why refunds come after 30 days give the aid enough time to post to student accounts.

Loans are to be payed after the student is done with their schooling or if they go six months without being in school. The idea is they owe the government later. These were supposed to be skills you learned in elementary or middle school.

Many students cheated their way through these classes and the professors let them. There are many myths about HBCUs. Instead it was like paying for high school.

When I began my journey I was so excited for the culture, people, unity, even the community but instead I was faced with heavy disappointment. They were not engaging or stimulating.

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Professors are supposed to hold students accountable for their actions and their work. Professors would just extend deadlines or give full credit for assignments that were not completed. I do have good memories of my favorite professors at Philander who were a stark exception to the rule.

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Texas History Day, May , Texas History Day May , Eisenhower and the Integration of Little Rock Central High School: Civil Rights and Federal Responsibilities: Andre Jr.

Thomas: Honorable Balancing Rights and Responsibilities in Times of Crisis O Henry Middle Austin, TXTravis County, Austin Isd: Duane Devereaux: Maura.

Watch breaking news videos, viral videos and original video clips on Nov 29,  · LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — Six decades after it was the center of a school desegregation fight, Little Rock may be on the verge of electing its first African-American mayor.

Frank Scott, a year.

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